The St. Nicholas Goblins

About This Project

The St. Nicholas Goblins is a show that caters to children in a simple and direct language.

The actors, through a precise and imaginative use of body and voice, give life to Green Joe and Bluette, two elves, one green and the other blue, aides to the emblematic character of our tradition that we all know as Santa Claus, which, however has its origins in the figure of St. Nicholas.

Green and Joe Bluette represent the physical and spiritual nature of the human being.

Santo Nicola uses them to distribute his gifts to all children of the world.

The two protagonists share with the public scenes of life and daily work, in which we discover the qualities and weaknesses of their human characters, thus making the show a fun way to speak to the children of certain fundamental values, such as sincerity, honesty, non-violence, courage and solidarity.

The St. Nicholas Goblins while referring to Santa Claus is not a show only for “Christmas time”, but a theatre play for children, relevant, timely and enjoyable at any time of the school year.


Teatro Simurgh


Carla Robertson – Fiore Zulli


Fiore Zulli

Scene and Costume Design

Carla Robertson

Directed by

Fiore Zulli