Theatre workshops

Our laboratories are not directed to teach a technique or a pedagogical idea for which, for example, “if you do A get B to get to C”. We propose, moreover, a way of opening up concretely and in the present moment to questions about universal and immutable principles that invite everyone to take a personal path in the study and understanding of the Art of the Actor and of the theater in general.

We aspire to what I call The Ancient Actor. That is someone who has a conscious relationship with his own body. This mastery gives him a special quality of the presence that make him able to reach the audience through physical actions that live in each movement, word, and even in each one of his thoughts on the scene. Such an actor knows what he says and what he does, in the sense that he grasps profoundly its meaning, but he remains open with every part of himself to a constant listening to physically rediscover, every time he play, what his mind has already perfectly assimilated.

This actor feels the rhythm, each time different, of the audience in front of him, takes it by the hand and leads it gently to the journey that the play proposes and evokes to the imagination. He never speaks directly to the spectator’s mind, but knowledgeably uses every vibration of the body, to which the audience respond organically. So he communicates before and beyond the “said” word, that’s why he can capture our attention.

This actor, dancer, singer, musician, is open to all influences, seeks and feeds on the most diverse traditions and extends his study to multiple fields of knowledge.”

Fiore Zulli

The inner music of the body on stage

Workshop on the actor’s technique run by Fiore Zulli

“The organic process of the actor who does physical actions on stage obeys to the same laws of music” … How one should work to discover it?

The workshop is addressed to drama students, professional actors, directors, singers and dancers.

The Thousand and one Voices of the Actor

Workshop on the technique of the voice directed by Fiore Zulli

“The voice of the actor is the alchemical tool of the scenic body…”

How to discover the physical and expressive possibilities of this multiform instrument, unique in each one of us, capable of activating the viewer’s imagination in order to make the story appear in front of his senses?

The workshop is addressed to theatre students, professional actors, directors, singers and whoever else is interested, for any reasons, in the artistic use of voice and its possibilities.

The Mask that Unmask

An actor’s technique workshop by Fiore Zulli about the use and the meaning of the traditional mask.

What is a traditional mask?… How does it come to life?… What is its language and its purpose in the different cultures that use it?…

Exists an ancient knowledge on the origin of the mask in human psychism.

The workshop is addressed to theatre students, professional actors, directors, and to all those who could be looking for practicalapproachto the artof the actorfrom multiple points ofview.

Seven Questions

A workshop of theatre research and creation conducted by Fiore Zulli and Carla Robertson.

  • What is the connection between Theatre and Life?
  • What is the presence of the actor on the stage?
  • What must be given among the actor, the space and the spectator so that a theatrical action be living and becomes Art?
  • What is the difference between a gesture and a physical action?
  • What has Theatre got in common with Music?
  • What depends on the fact that a simple pronunciation of a text or a chant, would establish an organic contact with the spectator?
  • Where does it lay, in the Science of the Art, the profound and practical sense of the word “Tradition”?

The workshop is addressed specifically to professional actors, directors, dancers, musicians and theater students.

To participate in this workshop, the artist is asked to present a curriculum of his training and eventual professional trajectory.