Research Projects

The artistic research of the Teatro Simurgh feeds on different cultural influences that, flowing into a universal scenic language, carry seeds of reflection useful for building a more harmonious social life, based on that knowledge that only a constant, conscious and impartial observation of the reality can provide the individual.

The interest towards the human being in its multiplicity is the gravity centre of the Theatre we want to achieve. That’s why we look for places and situations where the shows and the workshops could be an opportunity to highlight to the eyes and to the sensibility of people, those values ​​and that knowledge needed to contribute in their own land to building a future of peace, solidarity and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

Today, for example, it is particularly necessary to create in Europe situations in which citizens have the opportunity to see the great potential richness that resides in the intercultural encounter with non-EU peoples who come with the desire to receive acceptance and inclusion.

For this reason we need to enter into relationships with interlocutors who understand and share a clear and profound humanistic vision as the driving force behind new, far-sighted strategies of cultural politics that we need today to cope with the great transformations that are already taking place in our communities.

For a Living Art in Contact with the Community

The project “For a Living Art in Contact with the Community” is a proposal to use the Theatre as a tangible intercultural meeting vehicle in the territory.

It is divided into a series of laboratories for research and creation of shows with professional artists of different backgrounds chosen with the usual methods of selection through international call, to which are added artists that can be identified in immigrant communities or even in reception centers of migrants landed in Europe.

The groups thus composed work together in intensive workshops of 10 or 14 days to be carried out in the municipalities that choose to participate in the project, in Italy or abroad.

The community of the place that welcomes the laboratory comes into contact with a human group outside of every classification, with a small community in turn formed by people of the most diverse cultures, languages, colors and somatic features from the four continents. A community, however, able to use a common language given by the artistic and human work that it carries out together.

This – we have already seen in previous experiences – means that the inhabitants of the commune that receives it, finding themselves in contact with this “strange” community, they instinctively stop falling into any mechanical form of preconception towards diversity and instead open themselves to an encounter based on a natural trust, fruit of the creative energy and kindness that the intercultural group of artists will be able to embody.


Antecedents in Italy related to this proposal

The research activity undertaken since the arrival in Italy gives a first signal with the show “Dance of speaking hands, a performance of theatrical craftsmanship” with 23 artists on stage including a group of artisans of different disciplines, together with actors, dancers , musicians, who premiered on September 17, 2015 in Pescara.

In 2016, from 1st to 6th August in Montone (TE), as part of the “Montone tra il Sole e la Luna” International Festival, a first high-level theatrical workshop was held entitled “The inner music of the body on stage” with the participation of 11 professional artists from all over Italy and 9 young immigrants from Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal, selected through workshops held in two reception centers in the area (

In 2017 the project “For a Living Art in contact with the community” takes shape, which gave life to the 1st edition of the International Intercultural Laboratory of Research and Theater Creation “In Search of the Ancient Actor for a Modern Theatre” held in Guardiagrele (CH ) from 02 to 09 September 2017 with the participation of 21 artists from Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Japan, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Italy, Mali, Nigeria, Poland, Senegal.

In 2018, from 21st to 31st August, the 2nd edition of the International Intercultural Theatrical Research and Creation Laboratory “In Search of the Ancient Actor for a Modern Theatre” was held in Atena Lucana (SA) with the participation of 21 artists from Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Japan, Guinea Bissau, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Taiwan, Togo, Venezuela.