Meta theatrical workshops

At the dawn of humanity theatre was practiced by a small number of specialized individuals, whose knowledge was codified and expressed in that Art considered Sacred and available to the community. They were entrusted with the transmission of essential values that constituted the education of the human being.

The work of the actor is based (or should be based today) on a precise knowledge, the result of a constant and rigorous study of the physical, mental and emotional functioning of the human being.

The main objective, as well as the main difficulty of all the performing arts, is to achieve a quality of presence that allows the actor / dancer / singer to establish a relationship of living exchange with the public and make it active in order to travel together the journey of narration on the wings of creative imagination.

The scenic artist must therefore be a kind of charismatic lider capable of taking the spectator by the hand and kindly lead him through the “stream of consciousness” that a representation, by its ancestral nature, must be for those who attend it.

But since theatre is an instrument of study of human life in its relations and in the universal laws that govern it, this equation (actor ↔ spectator → content → experience → knowledge) can be applied to every human relationship aimed at learning, facilitating of individual and collective growth, in the world of education as well as in the world of work.

Dance your essence

A workshop by Fiore Zulli and Carla Robertson dedicated to femininity

“The beautiful woman is the one who observes, discovers and accepts herself throughout her life, in a process of inner growth that brings back to the encounter with one’s Essence. The beautiful woman is the one who knows the strength of her femininity. The beautiful woman is the one who understands and rightly directs the male instinct. The beautiful woman is the true and invisible guide of a community in harmony.” (Fiore Zulli)

The workshop is aimed at women over 35 years of age.

There are no other requirements regarding particular physical skills, language, nationality, culture, religion or profession.

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The body that listens, receives, expresses, transmits, educates

A workshop by Fiore Zulli and Carla Robertson dedicated to teachers

“Before the outer music, that is perceptible with the hearing, there is an inner music that animates the human body. This inner music is given by the sum and interaction of sensory, mental and emotional perceptions which have their own particular rhythm and harmony that, if consciously listen and observed, determine the ability to convey in a living, organic way, a sound, a chant, a word, a movement which are carrier of content.” (Fiore Zulli)

The workshop is aimed at those who wish to undertake a practical study on the relationship between the inner impulses and external dynamics to experiment with musical, vocal and movement creation by listening to the body, both at the individual level and at group level.

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