The founders

Fiore Zulli

Profession: Artist

Disciplines: Actor, Director, Playwright, Musician, Singer, Dancer, Pedagogue

He has written and directed so far forty shows between South America and Europe.
His relentless questioning about the practice, the philosophy, the ethics and the meaning of the actor and theatre in contemporary global reality, has broken new ground in the field of a theatre research that operates not so much “in the spotlight” but rather in those places and situations often forgotten or unknown of the human world, where a real capacity of the actors to communicate with the audience becomes a “matter of life or death”.

His shows can have different characteristics among them in terms of stage language, thematic or aesthetic, but they all originate from a theatre practice whose starting point is a deep interest in the Human Being.

Carla Robertson

Profession: Artist.

Disciplines: Actress, Singer, Dancer, Pedagogue, Costume Designer, Photographer

Artist of Bolivian/US origin, co-founder of the Teatro del Ogro in Bolivia and then of the Teatro Simurgh in Ecuador. She embodies the result of the studies on the artistic training, philosophy and ethic of the actor developed by Fiore Zulli in the years of work in South America.

Her personal research led her to explore beyond the theatre, in many fields of knowledge ranging from educational psychology to philosophies and religions between East and West; from traditional singing techniques and ancient practices of studying the movement of the body, up to the observation of plants as a means of meditation.

The skills of interpreter and the ability to synthesize, with her stage presence and the versatility of her voice, different cultural influences in languages always deep and universal, made her worth of an unfailing appreciation of the public and the critics. Over the years, she’s always been an example of talent and discipline in front of pupils and companions.