We are an artistic entity in constant transformation, our home is the body and our goal is the journey, both physical and spiritual.

Theatre is simply the most evident of the means we use to walk the path that leads to a better understanding of life.

Impartial observation is our tool. The meeting and the fusion of every possible cultural, somatic and religious diversity, is our language.

We perform in the manner of the “most ancients of the ancients”, in search of that special presence that comes from a conscious relationship with our body, in order to reach the spectators through living physical actions, in every movement, every word and every thought on the scene.

We get inspiration and nourishment by traditional sources. From the Greeks to Shakespeare; from the Commedia dell’Arte to the Japanese Nō theatre; from the medicine men Kallawayas, narrators of the Andes to the nomadic storytellers of India; from African Griots to the legendary Ashoks poets of Central Asia.

The result is a modern theatre, essential in its form, that speaks of today’s reality in a clear and immediate way to every public.

Simurgh the name chosen to call our theatre, is a metaphor of the trail of knowledge and inner evolution to which we aspire.