The body that listens, receives, expresses, transmits, educates

Before the outer music, that is perceptible with the hearing, there is an inner music that animates the human body. This inner music is given by the sum and interaction of sensory, mental and emotional perceptions which have their own particular rhythm and harmony that, if consciously listen and observed, determine the ability to convey in a living, organic way, a sound, a chant, a word, a movement which are carrier of content.

The workshop is aimed at those who wish to undertake a practical study on the relationship between the inner impulses and external dynamics to experiment with musical, vocal and movement creation by listening to the body, both at the individual level and at group level.

It is a field of research based on a deep exploration of the body as cause and primal vehicle of music in every form, dimension and manifestation.

For a teacher or any person interested in studying the physical, mental and emotional processes of objective communication, to have a conscious perception of his inner music is a guarantee of a special quality of presence, which is an essential factor in the pedagogical act of transmitting a living teaching, or in the artistic interpretation of a text or a piece of music.

The workshop consists of a series of physical and vocal exercises processed by the instructors on techniques and materials (chants, dances, rhythms) coming from different traditions of four continents.

Participants will be guided in a full path based on the attention of the whole body that will give rise to a range of creative plays made of voices, choral and individual movements, percussions and songs, which eventually turn out to be the raw material of that living story that every teacher must be able to create to affect and transmit any knowledge to the students.