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“La Sorgente Nascosta” flows lightly between sounds and images evoking an immemorial past in which certain stories, told with appropriate Art, had the power to induce the community to reflect, to understand the objective and basic values of existence. When, that is, education to will, to courage, to solidarity, to patience, to peace, was based on a practice centred exclusively on the  inner evolution of the human being.



Chang Fa Mei is a young girl with long hair and generous heart. She lives in a place where water is so scarce that since centuries her people struggle so hard to not definitely succumb to thirst and to the great difficulty of cultivating the land.

One day Fa Chang Mei discovers on the slope of the mountain a spring that would save all his people, the is the god of the mountain in person who does not want to share the water with the inhabitants of that unfortunate village …


Director’s note

The actors enter in a scenic space covered with original Kilim carpets of Central Asia. They recite in the way of the ancient storytellers; their actions are accompanied by songs and dances. They tell a story that is apparently simple and easy to follow, but steeped in allegories expressed in a scenic language that addresses, at the same time, the body, the mind and the sentiment of the audience.

Directed by

Fiore Zulli & Carla Robertson


Fiore Zulli


Teatro Simurgh


Carla Robertson


Carla Robertson – Fiore Zulli

Text source

Ancient legend of the "Dong" people of South China


Canzoni dalla tradizione popolare di Tibet, Vietnam, Giappone – F. Zulli