Madame Aissata, the lady of the weddings

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An African Sherazade who takes us into a magical and real world at the same time, to heal once more, with love and humor, the mind, the heart and the body of that fragmented king that is ever aimlessly stirring within every man and every woman of our time


The lady of the wedding is the guest of honor at the gathering on the night before the marriage of two young people of noble birth in the city of Bandiagara, in Malì. She is a storyteller and singer of legends and epopees of many African peoples. She is here now to talk to the betrothed couple, about the profound meaning of the union of the woman and the man. So Madame Aissata accomplish her task by telling  amazing stories which capture the attention of the whole audience.


Director’s note

The dramaturgical idea of a “Lady of the weddings” as a female figure meant to play a fundamental role in that which here is traditionally the emotional and sexual education of the future bride and groom, has come as a natural consequence of the study of that direct language, of such extraordinary humor, without moralism but full of true modesty, which ancient Africans employ to speak about sexuality.


Teatro Simurgh


Carla Robertson

Source of the text

Racconti delle culture “Nupe” e “Cabili”


Fiore Zulli


Canti tradizionali africani arrangiati da Carla Robertson


Carla Robertson - Verena Spori

Directed by

Fiore Zulli